ST 800 Plus Flex

20th January 2012 | 1way

The ST-800 Plus, Sun Telecom’s Best Selling Numeric (Flex) Pager. Built for today’s life style, the ST-800 Plus is rugged yet stylish and blends well with all day to day activities. The ST-800 Plus is well on its way to taking the place of the motorola LS850.

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Features Description
Display Format: Date & Time Display
Address Capcodes: 8 address capability
* Any combination of personal and mail drop group addresses
Message Capacity: 30 message slots.
* Maximum 20 character per message.
Message Lock: User can Save/lock 14 messages.
Real Time Clock, with Day and Date: Convenient real time display set via device menu.
Message Date and Time Stamping: Tells when a message was received.
Melody/Tone Alerts: Offers 8 melodies, 4 tone alerts, 1 chirp PLUS vibrate and sleep (no alert) options.
Alarm Clock: User set table alarm clock allows an alarm to sound at a specific time daily.
Unread Message Indication: Icons indicate which messages have not been read.
Message Full Indication with Icon: Saves space by over writing duplicated messages.
All and Selective Message Erase Allows user to delete a single unlocked message or all unlocked stored messages.
Automatic Memory Retention: Retains unlocked messages for at least 30 seconds during battery replacement.
Battery Status Display: Tells you when the battery is getting low and needs replacement.
Low Battery Alert with Indicator: Indicates when battery is getting low and needs replacement.
Battery: 1 AAA battery (1.5 V) required.
Backlighting Display: View messages in low light conditions.
Belt Clip: Provides an easy way to keep device—and your messages—close at hand.


- Frequency Band 900 MHz
- Baud Availability 1600, 3200, 6400 FLEX
- Code Format FLEX
- Paging Sensitivity:
- FLEX 1600 BPS -9uV/m
- FLEX 3200 BPS -11uV/m
- FLEX 6400 BPS -13uV/m(40 chars, phase B
- Selectivity 55 db @ 25 kHz
- Spurious Rejection 40 db @ below Carrier
- Frequency Stability + 5 ppm
- Channel Spacing +25 kHz
- Receiver Type Synthesized
- Address Capability 16 CAP codes
- Frequency Deviation + 4.8 kHz
- Alert Tone 75 db @ 12inch 2960 Hz on Standard Alert
- Operating Temperature 10-50 degrees Celsius
- Power Supply One 1.5 V, AAA-size alkaline battery
- Battery Life: Approximately 120 days on a frame cycle of 16
- Low Battery Level 1.1 Volts
- Weight with Battery 45 grams
- Dimensions 63 X 43.5 X 18.2 mm