T4 Flex
The T4 Flex is Sun Telecom's newest Alpha-Numeric pager. It comes complete with a 6 line lcd and auto backlight. The T4 also features an emergency alert for those pages that you just can't miss.
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Flex [PDF] T4 Flex [Zip]
The Titan3 (Pocsag/ Flex); Sun Telecom's Best Selling Alpha-Numeric pager. The Titan3 offers enhanced features and advancements that keep it on the leading edge.The best replacement pager for the Motorola Elite.

Programmers Manuals Software
Hand Held [Img] Flex [PDF] Titan 3 Flex [Zip]
Cradle [Img] Pocsag [PDF] Titan 3 Pocsag [Zip]
T3 Plus FLEX PPS v3.65 [Zip]
ST 800 Plus
The STt-800 Plus, Sun Telecom's Best Selling Numeric (Flex /Pocsag) Pager. Built for today's life style, the ST-800 Plus is rugged yet stylish and blends well with all day to day activities. The ST-800 Plus is well on its way to taking the place of the motorola LS850.

Programmers Manuals Software
Hand Held [Img] Flex [PDF] Plus [PDF]

ST-800 Plus [Zip]

ST800 v2.4 [Zip]

Cradle [Img] Pocsaq [PDF] ST-800 Pocsag [Zip]