un Telecom International was incorporated in June of 1988 by Mr. John Soh. Mr. Soh, having been a successful businessman, understood the marketplace and was committed to providing the best products and services.
Our corporate offices are located in Louisville, KY, USA and currently employ a number of people in Customer Services, Sales, Marketing, Research and Development, Production, Repairs and Shipping.
Sun Telecom International currently provides an expansive one-way and two-way messaging device product line. Sun Telecom International will continue in the future, as it has in the past, to develop products that meet the needs of today and tomorrows messaging marketplace.
We continue to provide the outstanding support that our customers, distributors and partners have come to expect, and will insure that they remain #1 in the minds of our employees.
Sun Telecom's Officers, Managers and Employees will continue to contribute to the development and production of messaging devices throughout the USA and the World.